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    How to drain wrong fuel from a car

    This happened with my diesel bakkie, where they put petrol in. The garage had all the stuff to drain the tank. Disconnected diesel line before pump and sucked tank clean. They added extra diesel after initial drain and sucked that out as well until i was happy that bo petrol left in the tank
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Your confused about healthy gear... Thats watch or running shoes But you do get a percentage back on certain items at sportsmans
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    New bank branches where you can get your Smart ID and Passport

    Well then im confused as well. My understanding is that its a service available the the banks clients
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    One 300 and 100. The rest all below 100
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    New bank branches where you can get your Smart ID and Passport

    No, you must have an account with said bank
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    No bonus play again [emoji848]
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    Silicone rings anyone?

    Just rie the ring too your shorts drawstring or you takkies
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Finally got all my plays for the week, as well as the bonus play that was short from the previous week
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    Anyone know what bug or insect this is?

    Its oriental coackroach Females are round and the males flat with wings. Or its the other way round
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    AGM sectional title voting

    Only unit owners can vote at meetings @Speedster trustees are made up of owners, so they have normal voting rights
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Its random. One week i only had a max of 90 .this week 150, 175 , 200, 300. And lowest of 90
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Got an extra fuel reward. But most likely short payment i received they on the system from last few months
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    This municipality near Cape Town is taxing pet owners

    My dog identifies himself as a cat.... So im not too bothered about it
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Same for me. [emoji23]
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Yes. Got my drive reward this morning Vitality rewards all seem to be working correctly now