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    Ambulance - Who pays for it if you call an ambulance for a random stranger?

    Constitution or something States you get medical treatment while in the Borders of South africa whether you can pay or not. @medicnic..... Can't rember he's name, should be able to answer this but From some first responders I know. The call comes in and who ever is the closes responds...
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Well I just used it on my new account [emoji6]
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Wvyj- tenv - jatj. R150. OFF. till 31st March
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    How to keep the Municipality at bay for maybe 6 months?

    If you sell, you have to pay the rates and taxes to be up to date. SO don't know how you going to be able to sell
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    Overweight passenger forces EVA Air flight attendants to wipe his backside

    You've got too be shitting me
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    Watch: Man critical after BMW smashes into lane divider in Cape Town

    Ya think you right, I know the shop off vanguard drive started almost 20yrs ago. And if I'm not mistaken also taxis aswell.
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    Watch: Man critical after BMW smashes into lane divider in Cape Town

    Happened on Sunday at virgin active sea point , bike t-boned the car
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    Discovery Short term Insurance - Warning!

    Think best bet is ombudsman, that's what I would do. How can one be liable for something constructed at time following code. Even when new codes come into effect, they cannot penalise you since construction followed the code guidelines at the time Keep us updated which ever way you go and outcomes
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    How much money you can make as a streamer in South Africa

    Bullshit but Put a link up too your streaming page
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    Learners and License

    If it expires, you have to redo learners again
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    Ethiopia overtakes Dubai as top hub feeding air traffic to Africa

    Haha We did that in June, with one guy in passport control for all international flights.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    They way I read it is 1200 points a month to the yearly total. But all steps still count to weekly rewards "All step activity will continue to count towards your Vitality Active Rewards goals"
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    Blocking porn through router

    Block porn at you house..... Kid no problem ill just go watch by my friends place