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    Female teacher resigns from top Cape Town boys' school amid sexual misconduct allegations

    Now tell me, during her own school years, during her university, how were her hormones then?
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    Advise please!!!

    I had a similar problem long time ago. Walk into license dept, walk to the back where the personnel are. 2 traffic cops tried to took me out. I calmly stood their and everyone was looking at me. a Lady, the big boss, took me to her office, correct the info on her computer, print me a new one...
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    "Telkom didn't pay me, so I switched off their tower"

    What sometimes happen, it person is not a vendor on there system, or new rules, you get thrown off. Seen this plenty off times.
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    Shocking video of Afrikaans street fight goes viral

    I am lost, you said a pastor shouted once, but in this video the woman "called Hugo"?
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    Honda quotation fee

    Your car went for a service and come back with airbag warning? Your car was all ready at the service, then they did not check your brakes?
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    Dog ate a piece of Blitz firelighters

    Don't use a match , give dog milk.
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    how to handle being a witness in a trial

    just say yes or no. Don't say because, and start to tell a story.
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    Cockroach milk: The superfood of the future is now

    they are going to cook all the good bacteria dead, call it something nice, and include cream soda flavor.
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    South Africa’s first smartphone factory – Photos

    some few years back, a guy who worked in Africa bought a phone, look like the old Symbian phone, it had a little Arial, and would receive sabc tv.
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    Free wifi

    I stay at lots of hotel's and lodges. Most of them state free and some super fast wifi. At some hotels it means 250 mb per device per day. At the last lodge I stayed last week, you have to login to there network every day, and at some stage the data just stop. The password and logon was written...
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    South Africa’s first smartphone factory – Photos

    Some person from Mara said on the radio that this is an excellent phone, battery lasting days, camera has lots of pixels, front and back.
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    SABC cancels 'Top Billing' after 23 years - reports

    As long as 7 de laan stay, I am happy, just joking
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    Eskom's Oberholzer warns 3 more units at risk of malfunction

    Did he said from Grootvlei to Medupi, and then he spoke about leaks. Everyone know Medupi cancer pipes needs to be redone
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    Mazda's first EV

    I suppose every make of car and maybe even model will have its own type of plug and voltage.
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    Eskom costs taxpayers R4.5 million a day thanks to bad contracts – Report

    sure these mines and that diesel contract is with comrade friends.