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    Bunny Chow pictures

    I saw on tv last night, a black guy making a mean bunny, he calls his shop kota king.
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    Eskom to stop replacing equipment where people don't pay

    Some one will go to court and force eskom to switch on. or Power is off=copper is free. Answer=anc who got voted in needs to tell there voters to start to pay, then anc must run from protestors.
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    Bill Gates' biggest mistake

    With phones he cannot force it unto people like he does with windows 10 etc.
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    The best mobile data network in Bloemfontein

    I was traveling to Cape town and somewhere between Colesberg and Three sisters and there was no signal. But it is a very long road. I did not check if there was coverage for the other networks.
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    did quotas fail this sa cricket team?

    I wrote, and he told me he attend school there, maybe a school with cricket as a subject.
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    down syndrome and hormones

    Yes , they also must see a doctor and some team to discuss the whole issue and get permission from the state for a op.
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    did quotas fail this sa cricket team?

    I met a boy last year, he is white, he goes to school in India somewhere, only because he is good in cricket, and was not chosen here.
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    WaterGen - water generator

    Normally Israeli products are very good. As with this type, is there back up ?
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    No internet and of course no after hours support

    If it is the Telkom copper line they cannot do much.
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    [Wanted] Installer for point to point WiFi

    Your guard will be happy with wifi at the gate. Please make sure there is a piece of rod on top of wifi link antenna for good lighting control.
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    What happen to the team called, Williams.
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    On the table, look like some kind of telephone intercom
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    Would someone be so kind and tell me what those things with the bottoms are
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    down syndrome and hormones

    Family of mine got a boy who are about 19 and his hormones is reacting to girls. They ask for advice and one doctor suggest to cut out his balls and the other doctor want to give pills for about R4000 per month. Does anyone have advise or knowledge about this.
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    This track with all it's blue and red lines, I do not fancy it.