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    Metrofibre Feedback

    Fibre has been off today for 3 weeks. I've had a contractor as well as a Metro Fibre technician here to see what's going on. The contractor replaced the ONT as well as the patch cable, broadband light flashes between red and green. The Metro Fibre technician redid the splicing on my end as well...
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    Metro Fibre / Link Africa acquisition - New/repair installation

    Need some advice or a nudge in the right direction from here on.. Before I went on holiday last week Tuesday, my fibre got cut off. I was told by Mweb (my ISP) that this is due to the switch over from Link Africa to Metro Fibre. A week prior to that, a MFN tech came to my house to install the...
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    iPad 6th Gen 128gb WiFi + Cellular

    Sold off forum
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    iPad 6th Gen 128gb WiFi + Cellular

    Item: iPad 6th Gen WiFi + Cellular Contract/Cash: Cash Age: 3 and a half years Price: R3800 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/eft Warranty: None Packaging: Still have original box Condition: Great - still looks new, has a book type cover - screen has no scratches Location: Alberton Reason: Bought it...
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    Anyone Having Latency and Speed Problems with International Servers on Supersonic (Warning: Do not sign up with them)

    He can correct me if I'm wrong and if I am, I'll apologize. His main concern is his ping to EU, he MENTIONED (he said "and also"), that he is getting slow up and down speeds. Surely the man is a gamer, and as someone who also plays on EU servers, I'd also get upset playing on 350ms to a server...
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    Anyone Having Latency and Speed Problems with International Servers on Supersonic (Warning: Do not sign up with them)

    Sorry, but this is a joke right? You're involving "99%" of South Africans, which might be true, might not, but do those 99% also need 150ms ping to Blizzard servers?
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    Vumatel / SADV merger progress - enquiry

    @pinball wizard
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    MWEB Contact

    Close enough. :unsure:
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    MWEB Contact

    For legal purposes, no? Sure, you're not signing a contract/lease, but surely they need records of who requested such a change as well as who authorized it?
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    Don't know who is doing trenching...

    There's been no other FNO (what I'm aware of) that has shown any interest in the Vaal area, except Megafibre who did Vanderbijl. Vaalpark is done and live, Sasolburg is set to start in July AFAIK and as the coverage shows, Three Rivers is basically done. Two FNO's won't be doing the same area as...
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    Don't know who is doing trenching...

    It is Vumatel.
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    Vumareach Fibre Retreat/Steenberg/Grassy Park (Southern Suburbs)

    Who did you order the DSL through? If Afrihost, @cavedog might be able to assist, if Telkom, sorry neh.
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    Fibre internet for Vaalpark

    I've spoken to someone at Vox as well who said he'll get back to me within a few days. If I remember correctly, they haven't started doing complexes due to the state of lockdown, but how and why can they do houses? I'm just as annoyed and disappointed that people a few houses from me, can have...
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    Difference in speed test results & actual download speeds

    I understand your need and logic for paying only R300 more, but 50 down won't have any issues streaming multiple streams at 720p/1080p. We've done more than that on a 20 down fibre line and had no issues whatsoever.