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    Criminals have the keys to steal your airtime

    Option 12 does not exist for me on a contract SIM. The other method does work.
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    High levels of uranium found in Joburg residents

    I find it jarring that they use an image with biohazard waste drums, instead of nuclear waste drums, in the article. The handling of mine waste is a real health risk here, sadly.
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    Vodacom price hikes – All the details

    Vodacom effectively gave me a interest-free 24-month loan for my phone when I got a new contract last year. I would have paid either the same (in a lump sum) or a lot more (on credit) had I bought it cash or on my credit card. I use very little data (less than 1GB/month) and make around R20-30...
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    Vodacom price hikes – All the details

    I would happily pay Vodacom's prices if it means I get to never deal with Telkom's billing department again.
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    LG V40 ThinQ launched in South Africa

    I've had a Nexus 5, V20 and now a G7. And a older LG watch. Both my V20 and G7 shipped with an awesome add-on bundle for free. I am overall very happy with my LG devices.
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    Pretoria man accused of stealing iPads and kidnapping children due to incorrect IP address database

    Some people blindly believes what they are told by some app or some website. Said apps or websites use geo-location tools on an IP level without understanding, or in some cases caring about, the limits of the databases. Been going on for a long time. Geo-location databases put some IPs in the...
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    Why data expires – Explained by a hacker

    You may disagree with their business plan, and I agree with you. However, calling an opinion article "clickbait" because you don't agree with the argument is silly. Do you only want to see articles you agree with? Will you never try to see the merits of the other side's argument...
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    Why data expires – Explained by a hacker

    Agreed with that statement. Data caps encourage end-of-period splurging, as there's no cost to the user, and a perceived cost if they don't. Using data in a "last-purchased bundle first" method encourages people to not purchase bundles until they run out. So you can't buy a bundle to cover...
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    Why data expires – Explained by a hacker

    When I still had a capped connection on ADSL I used it in exactly this way. Not going to waste data that expires at the end of the month, and I have to survive with what I have, so I conserve at during the month, splurging at the end. I do the same on my 30 day mobile data bundles, though I...
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    Back to blackouts in South Africa

    I was reminded of this from last year. This will kill most hope for CR's economic recovery, though.
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    South Africa's best and most expensive smartphones

    "Top-end smartphones from several major brands will costs users well above R10,000, and to get the best devices on the market will see users paying over R20,000." Only the iPhones are above R20,000 in this table. Luckily there's no bias here at all.
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    Why buying a small data bundle is a massive rip-off in South Africa

    I use less than 1GB of data every month, as I am on WiFi at work and home, which is easily 90% of my work week. I can set my phone to do big transfers like updates over WiFi only. When traveling or when I am on holiday I will buy larger packages, though. I have 1GB via Vodacom on my primary...
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    Limpopo Students left the exam center saying the exam is too difficult

    Nice generalization there. Saying this as a holder of a B.Sc (Hons). I don't think I'd want to work for a company that makes assumptions like that about me either.