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    3 big current News articles, yet no comments section...

    Well rested with 8 hours of sleep thanks. It's what they stated when they first started the forum back in the day and many people have commented on the same thing.
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    3 big current News articles, yet no comments section...

    Just like many other things, MyBB started out as unbiased and ad free; 2 things they "promised" it would always be. Now we are plagued by advertising, bombarded with Multi Choice/DStv articles, pushed false narratives which are usually actually paid advertising articles and served up never...
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    I signed a letter of Consent with my neighbour for relaxation of boundary rules

    What kind of a lunatic uses landfill to even out property. Sounds like you have a big problem about to start.
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    Serious security flaw on COVID-19 relief fund website

    There's a 19 year old with a weekend bootcamp coding certificate that is trying to fix the vulnerability they didn't cater for.
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    Showmax clears the air on removing Leon Schuster movies

    What people who have a problem with this should do is organise a protest to cancel their subscriptions to show their support and highlight the ridiculousness of this occurring. My theory is that most people don't have an issue with Leon Schuster (or anything else that results from this BLM...
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    Tax increases coming for South Africa

    Unfortunately they do not possess the intellectual capacity to understand that truth.
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    Is this authentic or a scam...Looking for definite answer if possible

    You might be but many aren't, otherwise they would have moved on to the next scam.
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    Sturks Tobacco Shop shuts doors after 226 years

    Honestly this is the first thing I thought when I read the title. Unless the shop has been breaking even for 226 years then they should have been stashing cash each month for rainy day. I guess profit margins are low though, especially after so long. Either way it's sad to see a dinosaur die.
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    Computer Science - The best subject to study for a high starting salary in SA

    In my case I could see this when I went into uni. First year there were a ton of students that had no business being there and there were even 3rd year students asking us to help them pass their first year programming course. After first year you could pick 1 of 4 streams: software dev, web dev...
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    Leases up for grabs — but black landlords only

    That is equality of outcome not equality of opportunity and that is not a good thing at all.
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    BCX loses big court fight over Dis-Chem pharmacy software

    While I agree to never accepting contract work it's one of the last tools companies have left to get rid of useless employees that don't work or perform. Companies should be screening their potential employees better but that's a different conversation. I think I have heard of it being tested...
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    Reputable Mobile App Development Companies

    I'm currently using flutter and it's head and shoulders above React Native and Phonegap.
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    Landlords, how did you start your property portfolio?

    * I've had one property which I have just sold because I no longer live in SA. * I've never used agents but working on software that they use and seeing their data they offer no value, especially for what they take * Like others have said, you need to look at it as a business and run it as such...
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    Freelance programming - without portfolio

    Either build some demo stuff to showcase your array of skills and/or seek some people out and do your first project cheaper than usual. This is what I did many moons ago and with about 10 clients I managed to run a pretty nice sideline business for myself.
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    Rand may be set for rebound - Bloomberg

    Would be nice if it did. Corona has knocked 20% off the value of my house sale because I have forex the proceeds :(