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    New Isuzu mu-X – Pricing and features

    Close on R700k and you don't get leather seats or climate control. Absolutely insane
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Can somebody senior please contact me about #COOL-20210324-649240. I am literally at the point of cancelling and moving to a different ISP since it seems Cool Ideas cannot get Vumatel to actually deliver a service. Took over a month to get an upgrade done and now a week to get a damaged line...
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    Cell C misses Vodacom migration target for contract subscribers

    Ahh yes. The Vodacom ringtone, a missed call notification. I don't miss that at all. At least on telkom the service is iffy but it's super cheap so thats ok.
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    Cool Ideas fibre price hikes

    Thanks will do. Father in law is on mind the speed and performance is great.
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    Cool Ideas fibre price hikes

    Well I'll call them to see if they are interisted in keeping a customer. FNO pricing increase or not it's 20% for me on the 10/10 package. Doesn't sit well.