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    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    Which router are you using ?
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    Down again…..

    Did Did you have a look on my account and see how many faults and days this was working? Yes it is very simple :) CPA is no longer a grey area, it is now years since implementation and the phase of guinea pig cases are over. I paid you for a simple service 1 - you can not deliver 2 - gave...
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    Down again…..

    It is obvious that you cannot get this right - I have given you ample opportunity to fix this, but you cannot. From inception on 22 April 2021, you cannot provide me a stable line - yet other ISPs here work fine. As per CPA, it is my right to cancel with a full refund as this was never working...
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    Down again…..

    Another week. Another problem with Cool Ideas I literally didn’t have one week of continuous, good internet as yet!!!!
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    Cool Ideas down since early this morning…

    Ticket #: COOL-20210610-700698 Logged a ticket early this morning, I’m still down. I’m on MFN, most are up and running on various ISPs. A handful apparently is down due to MFN Really frustrating as from inception 2 months ago, not much joy with Cool Ideas….