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    What smartphone brand do you currently use?

    Samsung S8 Ever since I started using Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) which is propriety to SamsungPay, I've been hooked. The ability to pay with my phone on ANY payment device has been quite handy.
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    Next big wave of skilled workers, emigrants leaving SA - political analyst

    How do they get the numbers of people emigrating? Lots of folks just get on a plane and leave.
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    Lol comment of the day.
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    Why your Telkom-only data isn't working on TelkomSA-R

    R250 for 10gig. Compared to R305 that I normally pay for 5gig all network data. If I'd know this would have been the issue, I would have just gone with all network data. So far, I've used around 1.5gig in 1.5 weeks. And that is just purely due to not having any sort of connection to make use...
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    Why your Telkom-only data isn't working on TelkomSA-R

    I got one of these data only sims whilst visiting family in SA. I was going to get just the regular sim, but the kind woman at the telkom store was nice enough to advise me about this awesome deal. For the past week, I've had shockingly bad coverage. I've switched roaming on and off and it...
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Usb-c sucks. I've been struggling with my port on the S8 for months now. I've tried to clean it etc. It's just glichy as hell.
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    South Africa could get one of the world’s longest flights – but it might not be very comfortable

    Agreed. The 11 hour to Heathrow is about as long as a flight should be. While I thought the extra 5 hours can't be that bad. I was sadly mistaken. At 11 hours, you ready to get off. I can't imagine waiting another 9 hours after that!
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    Free Skype data on FreeMe

    Good to know! I use skype daily to chat to my mom & in laws back in SA.
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    Neighbours heard quarrel before woman was beheaded: 'Why do you hold a knife every time we fight?'

    How thin were these walls ? I don't hear the fridge opening in my house, even when I am in the next room. Regardless, seems like a pretty brutal murder. Hope he gets whats coming to him.
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    Chicken Biltong

    Well in that case, I guess I've eaten leather belts caused by my wife reheating my braai steaks.
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    Chicken Biltong

    I used to Luuuuurve chicken biltong. Our local spar used o make it. It is not dry at all. Seriously, those who are knocking it, have you tried it ?
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    TIP: WhatsApp - How to send a full-size photo instead of reduced-size

    In B4 Telegram, has been having it!!
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    Is this unprofessional? Can I be annoyed?

    It really depends on the Agent. When we decided to sell we went through one of the bigger name Agencies. In the beginning, everything was very professional, photo shoots etc. But as time went on we realized we were not getting enough feet through the door, and we were constantly following up...