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    Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick - Enter Now

    VoIP Systems at a Low Monthly Cost
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool gadgets

    F-Pace. the best looking SUV on the market!
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    The struggle to cancel a Telkom account

    I submitted my LTE cancelation Sep 2017 with Oct 2017 as my notice period. Many, many phone calls and emails later I was handed over to a collection agency in September this year. They actually helped me get it canceled but I was listed on ITC as a slow payer so even now that everything is...
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    Please Rate Telkom Internet

    STAY AWAY. Took 10 months to cancel my LTE-A and now they sent a debt collector after me for the subs they charged me AFTER I cancelled.
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    Please Rate Vox

    Quite good. Off to a rocky start since they were shaping me on my unshaped, uncapped blah blah but a conversation with a helpful support engineer has me at full line speed 90% of the time.