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    Poor to no Internet access. Telkom LTE that is.

    Since this past Friday at around 4:30 PM throughout the weekend, no internet with permanently no internet access or dns error. There is a signal but does not resolve dns's.Today at 4:00 PM again no internet access, dns issue. Telkom please fix. This is happening in one of Khayelitsha's townships...
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    Telkom LTE poor internet access

    This past Friday@5:33 to be exact lost internet access. Get dns error page can't be displayed. It's on and off. Telkom please fix.
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    Telkom Social Media Team

    Please stop referring us to send emails to because the mailbox is full cant receive anymore messages. Please do some cleanup.
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    Telkom LTE poor internet access

    For the last 2 Fridays in a row after 4:30PM, internet is inturrupted with errors DNS issues. Does not matter you are using cellphone, home router or pocket router, internet service is interrupted. Telkom does not seem to be doing anything about. Reported in more than occasion. TELKOM PLEASE FIX...