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    These roads in Cape Town, Joburg and Pretoria carry highest risk for hijacking

    Voortrekker road between Bellville and Parow; The Corner of Military road and Prince George Drive; St Stephens road; Driving along Alice Street, especially near Voortrekker road; Travelling along Station road; Travelling along Klipfontein road; The corner of Prestwich road and Ebenhezer...
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    A UAE businessman wants to drag an iceberg to South Africa

    I hope he pays import tax, somebody tell SARS he needs an import licence!!
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    Eskom will appoint an acting CEO

    Maybe they should go to drama school if they looking for an acting CEO.
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    Mandla Maseko to be the first black African in space

    RIP never forget. Thoughts and prayers. He dieded too young.
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    Econet and Kwese Play no longer Exist?

    Meant Android TV.
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    Joburg estate bans Uber and Uber Eats drivers

    Maybe BM's should stop being such a statistic?
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    Econet and Kwese Play no longer Exist?

    I'd say a Xiaomi Mi box is the safer option as it runs Widevine L3 for DRM (4k) and is Google TV (not Android).
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    Arab Prince Khalid al Qasim dies following alleged "drug orgy"

    Didn't he dieded in Londonistan? Those rules aren't applicable there. Sneak 100.
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    Nvidia launches powerful new RTX graphics cards

    All that Bitcoin hangover means revenue was down, so cut costs or bring in faster parts at the same price.
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    Uncapped fibre for R649 - Telkom's July Big Deal

    What frequency? Has our dear ICASA finalised this yet and if it's micro cell on mm wave then it's effectively a glorified AP with fibre backhaul unless it's running LTE which means current prices. Bottom line, real 5G coverage and all the benefits will only be realised in a few years - unless...
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    Guptas to splash out R100m on wedding bash :)
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    15 Years Domestic Worker with no UIF

    Plot twist: OP was pomping the domestic and now she also informs him that he is an employer - and a daddy. :D
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    Rain - the good and the bad

    Just pay 2-3 times the price and you'll get all the data you want from another provider.