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    Samsung phones A series and NFC

    NFC is available from the A70 upwards..
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

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    Where do you buy your Avocados?

    PM me your address.. Swinging past after work..[emoji106]
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    External usb sound card

    Did you contact wootware for availability of the cards they have on offer..? It may be that, they don't keep stock on hand because it's not a big enough seller, so they order on demand..
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    How much coffee do you drink?

    A cuppa a day..
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    Lots of certificate errors on WebAfrica Fibre

    Looks like the device certificate store is corrupt or compromised..
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    Lots of certificate errors on WebAfrica Fibre

    Some more info would be nice... Happening on any other ISP from their devices..? What do the errors look like..? What do the certificates that result in error state for certificate information..?
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    Stop Mobile Operators from allowing VARs from selling R3 or R5 services

    Yeah, VARs suck.. however, it really is NOT that hard to NOT get suckered into a subscription by one of them..
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Jag xk120.. Number plate also gives it away though...
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    Again... Dstv... Why you do this

    Their stream is working fine for myself and numerous others..
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    Annual Leave Question (Solved)

    The labour law dictates that, annual shutdowns form part of an employees normal annual leave.. The recommendation for companies are that, this be set out in company leave policies.. So, leave policy should make it clear to employees that they need to make sure to have enough annual leave left...
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    Deleted the Wrong partition on my hard drive - HELP

    The files are there, just dont do anything further with the drive.. any writing to the drive can result in potentially overwriting the files then they are gone.. You can recover yourself, many apps available.. don't have time to get a reputable list together now..