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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    I would not go what the WHO says. Let just think back to when all this started. "no human to human transmission" lol
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    welcome to the world of a trader.
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    For me the bull run has begun as most alts are also going up against btc. To me I think most investors need to by btc to then buy there alts. and if that the case I do not see btc going down anytime soon. What do you guys think?
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    The United States's relationship with China is deteriorating

    So you are happy on how SA is run. I would rather have the US and there freedoms than the stuff China gives us. If the US is no longer in trade war with China. I would think India would end up with a trade war with China. and that war will be worse as they do not need each other and are...
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    The world's most widely used cryptocurrency is Tether, not Bitcoin

    that can not be tracked. this is volume only on exchanges. I think monero probably used a lot more than other crupto's. It just never gets to an exchange
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    The most popular ways for South Africans to stream online shows

    that is easy to explain. not everyone can afford a smart tv but everyone these days have smartphone
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    Israeli woman gang-raped while holidaying in Mpumalanga

    Full agree yes apartheid was bad and wrong.
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    Men are Screwed (rule 43)

    Just went to YT and on my recommended list lol
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    When e-filing, make sure you haven't made any mistakes

    yes but we all have to do it :(
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    I see we can use card on to buy btc
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    Durban CBD mess today

    why are they striking?
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    If the Gaddafi-cash allegations are true, Zuma could face US sanctions – and much worse

    then we will be ok as most of those are falling apart already no need for military action