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    Big screens you can buy without a TV licence

    Overpriced old HD stock, most of them
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    Millions of JusTalk private messages leaked online

    I've JustHeard of them now
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    Eskom will increase load-shedding to Stage 4 from 11:00 until midnight on Friday and from 05:00 until midnight on Saturday and Sunday

    I read the blue graph as declared unavailability ;-) mind you: That's 20161 unavailable out of a max availability of ~29000? Or am I reading it wrong?
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    Little-known investment firm suing South African government for selling SAA for R51

    While I agree that the case has merit, he sounds like a tendertrepeneur who didn't get his gravy
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    MTN says 28% contract price hike in line with Treating Customers Fairly Policy

    Not a customer, but if they are increasing the base price and effectively reducing the discount - how is that fair?
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    MTN cuts 5G and fixed-LTE prices

    FUP, night data and contracts - what year is this?!
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    Did you ever own an iPod?

    A couple of Ipod classics, still have one in my car permanently connected to the AMC. Also got the Ipod Hi-fi, but not really in use any more
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    Eskom warns load-shedding at short notice could be needed

    South Africa could get load-shedding at short notice Same as every other day in SA
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    So confused with which fibre ISP to go with..

    I'm on Vox - R1295 for 500/250 Openserve. My dealings with them has been minimal because Openserve is rock-solid. Their router is kinda crappy, so I got my own improved router, but recently I wanted to set up their Mikrotik hap ac2 as an AP. The default IP did not work, and I contacted their...
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    South Africa looking at combined smart ID and driver's licence cards - in 10 years

    This has been on the cards (pun intended) for many years. IBIWISI