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    Home - RICA Blocked me for having too many sim cards!!??

    That seems pretty fishy to me. So you need to Rica a sim card every time you buy a prepaid sim. Now the networks will deactivate the sim card and cycle the number back into their prepaid sim pool if the prepaid user does not make use of the sim card within x months depending on the network...
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    ‘BLM Leader: Statues and Stained Glass of Jesus Are ‘White Supremacy,’ Must Be Torn Down’ – Communist Phased Plan On Cue Towards Cultural Revolution/D

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph also seem a little out of place for Jerusalem. Such "white" sounding names. Maybe they should go back to the original Aramaic of Yosef, Mariam and Yehoshua. I mean we don't want the bible to seem racist do we? Then again, its not my faith so whatever.
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    L'Oreal to remove words like 'whitening' from products

    Being offended entitles you to nothing. Its a part of life and people need to grow up.
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    Amazon to hire 3,000 South Africans to work from home

    I live in Seattle and Amazon's HQ is 30 minutes away. The minimum wage for large companies like Amazon is $16 per hour or R276.00 per hour. Its only 18% of the minimum wage. The current UK national living wage is 8.72 pounds an hour or R185.68. You're right about this - its less than half but I...
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    What would you do with SAA if you were President?

    SAA has many problems ranging from a bloated workforce to corruption to massive debts. If this was a private airline it would have been involuntarily liquidated and shut down long ago. The amount of problems it has does not have a single silver bullet to fix it. Replacing all the staff with a...
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    Durban drive-by shooting victims were 'wanted for murder'

    So many people are quick to pass judgement on the lives of these people and that they deserve it despite there not being any clear evidence that these were the people to blame. Its quite worrying to be honest. So much for the sanctity of life or due process.
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    Durban drive-by shooting victims were 'wanted for murder'

    Very strange. So they were wanted for murder but their identities were unknown. Makes me wonder who the vigilante is that's doing the work of the police.
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    How the new zero-tolerance drunk driving law will affect your car insurance

    "New" zero tolerance? I wonder how this is different from the old zero tolerance.
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    What has this Lockdown taught you?

    I learned that lockdown would be a fantastic time to update my skills and improve my CV with said skillz:
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    Telkom business dishonest, disinterested

    You joined MyBB back in Aug 2008 and this behavior by Telkom appalls you? Normally I would say you must be new here. Telkom is a useless institution and the sooner they shut down the better off South Africa will be.
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    South Africa’s army is in a ‘critical state of decline’ – here’s how bad things are right now

    Considering how poorly they treat South African citizens during lockdown I think its going to be pretty hard to muster up some sympathy.
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    Why Eskom needs to increase electricity prices

    You have to increase the price of electricity when the cost of your employees doubles every 10 years. The fact they are around 60% bloated too doesn't help.
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    Concerns raised as six SA cities listed amongst ‘ world’s most dangerous’

    Try a few of the places in the desirable list. Its amazing what life can be like if you don't limit yourself to the undesirable places in this list.
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    Concerns raised as six SA cities listed amongst ‘ world’s most dangerous’

    Can we agree that if this comparison is being made then we acknowledge that neither Pretoria nor Honduras are pleasant? Seems to me that it's splitting hairs at this point
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    Concerns raised as six SA cities listed amongst ‘ world’s most dangerous’

    It always amuses me that people are only concerned when articles like this come out. Heaven forbid we make any list which shows us to be among the worlds worst. Even if we are not in the top 20 POS cities in the world, there is no way we make it into the top 10 most desirable places in the world...