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    FNB Global Account Card

    Just checking if this is definitely the correct way to receive a transfer into this account. Anyone tried?
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    I feel you, still waiting for my Dischem cashback to the tune of R1k... I actually wonder if anyone gets their cashback into their Dischem cards
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    That worm was very tough, but I think removing the thusters for beginners was a good idea. The rest of the weights/movements on intermediate were manageable (for me, at least) But learning for me was making sure both girls are on the same level.
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    Yup, Did LMS team last weekend, went intermediate. Considering the battle as well
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

    Yup, and totally Muslim - even have a Mosque which you can see in the pic. It's on a trip in Phuket ('Jame Bond' one, IIRC)
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    FNB Global Account Card

    Is there any benefit to using this account for overseas purchases? i.e. Amazon versus using a normal credit card.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019

    And then I bought two Oral B brushes and delivery was free...
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    2018 Nissan X-Trail

    I've got that model. My non-petrolhead feedback: I really love the car, it's got everything and more. Really smooth ride and the CVT gearbox is seamless for me. Lots of space, nice interior. No problems with anything after almost 4 years/80k. Having said that, I dont think the engine is great...
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    Ok, I am biased, but the liquid is actually very good. It's lead whiskies are Cardhu and Clynelish, so if those appeal to you, you'll probably enjoy it. I do prefer Speyside single malts, so this is a winner for me. And at R400, it's a no-brainer really.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    Yup... this. I know for a fact I'm not getting my cashback - been keeping my receipts for a few months now, and my points increase by way less than the amount they should (25% of *VIT purchases) Was just wondering if anyone can actually confirm they are getting theirs?
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    Is anyone getting their Healthy Care cashback paid into their dischem cards?
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    Best wrist based fitness tracker for Crossfit or HIIT??

    Yup, any ANT+ or BT device can pair with a Garmin. Or even pair with your phone and use the Polar Beats app, if you're looking for vitality reward points...
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    Best wrist based fitness tracker for Crossfit or HIIT??

    I would also recommend the Apple watch - use mine for every workout (CF) and it's pretty accurate. Obviously it struggles on movements where your wrist flexes a lot i.e HSPU, thrusters etc . But for the most part I'm very happy. But you said Apple isn't an option - in that case I was go for a...
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    Has anyone bought a wireless charger that works on the watch and iphone?
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    The Banting/LCHF Thread

    Stellenbrau was bought by Heineken, so one would think their claims on nutritional information would be correct...