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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    bar Virgin Active... no idea, why they so hard ass on the matter.
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    EWN'S Barry Bateman apologises unreservedly

    ....had the very same discussion with peeps, when the whole State Capture crap, started to come to light. You are part of the problem, if you remain silent or capitulate...and yes, I know, it is hard when you have a family to feed.., State Capture became a thing, culture ... in the absence of...
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    EWN'S Barry Bateman apologises unreservedly

    sorry, not going to reveal that ... can add, few like minded my side, have also contributed.
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    Legal fight for Philippi Horticultural Area to begin at Western Cape High
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    Charlize Theron reflects on growing up in apartheid South Africa

    think your rather disrupted the normal circle jerk of the usual brigade that forms , whenever someone articulates their experiences under apartheid that runs counter to their view. By now they would have engaged in their multi vector , mob/ hoppie lê vituperative attack -
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    Lamola to 'urgently assist' Kanya Cekeshe to apply for presidential pardon.

    ...well, will help with the youth vote the ANC has/is bleeding to the EFF...
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    Shocking video of Afrikaans street fight goes viral

    Next stop KyKnet... Keeping up with the Janssense
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    Ramaphosa brings back Mbeki securocrats to probe State Security Agency

    when political heads know better than career bureaucrats ....
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

    1st half : the Japanese Blitzkrieg...**** the way they flowed the ball up and down the line, and once an opportunity was seen...taken and try time ... second half the Scots upped their aggression at the breakdowns...slowing down the quick ball Japan were flourishing off. But too late...
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    Treasury Sanctions Members of a Significant Corruption Network in South Africa - US Sanctions Gupta Family

    how this unfolds, only time will tell...but at least we are seeing movement
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    Treasury Sanctions Members of a Significant Corruption Network in South Africa - US Sanctions Gupta Family

    Mmmmm...I am going with.... the US has done this at the request of the our government, US does not usually get involved in a shithole's ****..unless their interests are being threatened .... request most likely came from our NDPP... don't forget her days at the ICC and the...
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    Hawks raid Zandile Gumede's plush Durban North home

    ...maybe she is at one of the other 4
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    Shadowy ring of spies who reported directly to Zuma still active

    they have always been lurking - methinks they just a tad preoccupied with in house cleaning at the moment, and besides, I would be very surprise if any of us keyboard warriors convert to becoming an actual threat ....