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    Are you going to visit the liquor store today?

    It's not an importance to me or a must do.......but Wil do later in de month.i have important things I could do w my tym thn waiting to enter de bottle
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    South Africa’s ban on alcohol and cigarettes has not yet served its purpose: Mkhize

    I dnt c why they is a need for alcohol en cigarettes ban,while we could be putting more effort into finding a solution of de covid 19 peak en police service focus less into finding who sells alcohol and deal w de serious issues as women are being killed by those who should be protecting us...
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    Which large food retailer do you support the most often?

    I normally do my shopping all ova,wat I do is go for 100 deals @ Makro than do my veggies @ evergreen,than do sales en specials @ shoprite;pick n pay,kit Kat this why I would say I really support every retail store than saves us money en think of our pockets,than making a profitit's a lot of...
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    Do you think restaurants should be allowed to sell alcohol?

    This not about the importance of education now,This is abt valuing human man lifes as we in peak of dis covid 19,Dis whereby you sending you own kids to school at ur own risks.i would rather teach my kids @ mom than losing them or put them in a risk of