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    VALR to Binance help

    Thanks was also wondering which is the cheapest way.
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    VALR to Binance help

    Thanks will do this
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    VALR to Binance help

    I have a VALR account with some Btc & Eth. Is it possible to transfer my crypto to a binance account? Reason is they have more coins to purchase that are not available on VALR. I dont want to use eft or credit card to purchase from binance. Is this the best cheapest way or is there something...
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    Photo and video backup for iOS and Android All your family photos and videos taken by their mobile phones can be backed up automatically to one personal place on your NAS with Moments. Most importantly, photos are automatically grouped together according to similar faces, places, and subjects...
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    Home Connecta Flexi

    I have a question. I bought a new sim card. Do I test my speed or do I switch the tariff to home flexi then test? Im not sure if this will affect the speed?
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    Nedbank Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs - Enter here

    A nedbank business account is free for the first 6 months and offers 24/7 electronic self-service channels
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    Should traffic officers be issued with body cameras?

    Dont forget they will cost 100k each plus a team of engineers from America thats another 50 million. In the end it wont work of course.
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    NEW - ONE-DAY Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs for one lucky winner

    No penalty fees FNB will not charge you any penalties if you settle your loan early.
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    Welcome to rain 17.5 billion evaluation thanks to people paying them for nothing.
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    ONE-DAY giveaway - Enter Now

    Get more from your rewards Earn and spend your eBucks with over 40 online and in-store partners plus the eBucks Shop
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Article 1 - Data protection included This Seagate SSD offers support for Rescue Data Recovery Services – which is included with your purchase. This helps protect your data from anomalies like power outages, natural disasters, user error, and viruses for the duration of the drive’s 3-year...
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    ONE DAY Cash Giveaway - Enter here

    We work with you to design solutions specifically for your needs.