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    2018 Volkswagen Arteon

    That looks hideous
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    Looking for a new job and recruitment agencies.

    I would try all available options for posting your CV, from recruitment agencies, career portals, direct email to HR or via a friend working there. At least you will know that you covered all your bases and your application has a better chance of being seen.
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    "Januworry"- How's your finances doing?

    Ain't that the truth...
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    2020 BMW 7-Series (G11 Facelift - X7 Inspired)

    Saw one on the road last week. Very imposing / intimidating. Almost scary.
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    "Januworry"- How's your finances doing?

    Never going to allow myself to be in this financial position again. Don't get a bonus or 13th. So I am going to save a bit every month for December.
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    "Januworry"- How's your finances doing?

    4 more days till pay day. Oh the torture...
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    Top Android and iOS apps of 2019 revealed

    Wonder whether this includes app updates and users getting new phones and installing the apps again
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    Contemplating a Vasectomy-any advice?

    Good question. I am contemplating it this year and still gathering information
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    2017 VW Tiguan (2nd Generation)

    I have not seen any list but I don't think the tiguan makes the hot list
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    ehomeaffairs failed application

    Proper grand mess this. The joys of dealing with a government organization.... :X3: Good luck going further
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    RIP Dion Wired

    Also saw this coming. I foresee other stores, by different owners, also soon meeting it's demise. Stores like Incredible Connection, Outdoor Wareshouse etc. Stores that sell high end items that only a few South Africans can now afford, compared to 10-20 years ago. The mass chain stores will be...
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    Dulce Gusto thread

    Try using the espresso pods as a normal coffee pod like Americano. So instead of filling 2 bars of water as instructed on the espresso pod, try using 5 or 6 bars of water. Makes for an excellent cup of coffee, instead of a strong shot of espresso.
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    Windscreen Replacement Through Insurance

    This is what I am afraid off as I have read many of these stories. Anyways, received a quote from VW to replace windscreen. Sent this to insurance company. They gave me the option to pay me the value of the VW quote, which I accepted. Just need to now make the appointment with VW to get it...
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    The most popular Netflix shows and movies

    Just went through the list. I think they got it all wrong
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    The most popular Netflix shows and movies

    That was one of the worse movies I have seen. The car was great though