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    Performance Pills

    I have also heard that cialias works great. But it's a prescription drug. Long ago I tried a spray that decreases the sensitivity of penis. That worked well and made me last longer. Got this from Takealot. There are also condoms to help with marathon sessions. Some are made of thicker rubber...
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    Devi is leaving??

    Interesting. I wonder whether it will be just another talk show or something where we will continue to see her investigative journalism abilities
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    Help me understand Car Insurance

    Try Legalwise for legal cover, if you want some to fight for you in court
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    KZN south coast stab victim baffled by pardoning of man who attacked him

    This is shocking. The cANCer is spreading. All those victims should be on the lookout. I think these criminals will be targeting them again
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    Orthodontics Medical Cover

    Thanks. Will ask if they do the payment plan option.
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    Orthodontics Medical Cover

    Hi all. My current medical aid plan, Discovery Classic Saver, pays out for teeth braces from the medical savings account. This will not be nearly enough to cover braces. Anyone know whether there is a separate medical cover for braces? Thanks
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Life

    Still have this phone. Battery life still good
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    PS / Xbox games for free

    Nothing for PS3?
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    Who would you like to win the US Presidential Election in 2020?

    Simply for the entertainment value.......Trump
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    Google Play Store?

    Only issue I have is I now, for some reason, cannot see any pictures on the Playstore. Just the writing. Downloading is not an issue. Same on both mobile data and wifi
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    Vodacom 1GB special nerfed?

    That's Vodascum for you
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    Lotto tickets an essential service???

    Buying lotto tickets on ABSA banking app is still in operation. I wonder if the lotto draws are still taking place?
  13. Z - free as in free lunch? was freely accessible for couple of weeks. As of two days ago it was removed. It was great while it lasted. Watched about 8 movies. Used Puffin browser on my LIT box and went to the website. HD quality.
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    Still no upgrade with Supersonic