1. gideonel

    Rugby Championship - Missing results 2005 & 2008

    Howzit I am looking for past results of the Rugby Championship competition - Years 2005 & 2008 I have looked on various sites but I cannot find these years. Is there a possibility that the competition was not running these years or might anyone out there know where I could find these...
  2. namzsteve

    Advice Needed. Looking to buy my first car

    Hello MyBB users, I'm looking to buy my first car and I want something I'll be proud of and something that won't hit my pocket. I've been looking at a used Ford Fiesta ST from years 2005-2008 or a Mazda, just don't know which one yet. I would like some advice from the more experienced people...
  3. A

    Wanted: 2005 Bantam / Ikon electronic left side mirror

    I'm looking for the left side clip (that fixes to the door) that the mirror housing clip onto. It is only the little pin that broke off and now the mirror can't hook on anymore. I phoned Ford Parts and with a 20% discount it still comes to over R1100, because I need to buy the whole mirror...
  4. I

    Web Hosting in RSA for MS Reporting Services 2005 ???

    Hi. Does anybody know if there are any web hosting companies in RSA that offer Reporting Services 2005 or later? In fact, any version of Reporting Services could do.