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    Telkom Mobile - Malware / Adware Question

    Hi, a few days my PC started randomly popping up an internet explorer session to a website called wartune r2games. MalwareBytes, and AdwCleaner did not remove this little thing. I decided to format given it's easy for me as all my data is structurally simple. A full format that is, so...
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    “Ads by ShowPassword” virus

    I am running Kaspersky Internet Security + Virus 2014. It has not picked up on Virus/POP UP (continuous on any Enter or Instruction Key). It also goes under names 'packcpm.Php', AdsbyPassWord', AdOptions', Anyone Know about it and how to get rid of it ? Windows 7 64
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    Ads Everywhere

    Hi everyone. I've attached a screenshot of the mybroadband forum page. You will see there are certain words highlighted in green and underlined. when you hover over those it gives a link to "discover8media". I've also found a program called surff and keeeppp in my installed programs list. Now my...
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    Hey guys I used to love spybot but i'm not so impressed with he new version ,what is everyone else using for spyware removal that's free.
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    MP3 trojan doing the rounds

    MP3 trojan doing the rounds