1. M

    Adwords - dynamic remarketing

    Any adwords pro's on here? I'm struggling with dynamic remarketing. My adwords remarketing tag is giving me an error, there seems to be a mismatch between the data supplied to the GTM by the data layer and my merchant feed. Would be great if someone on here could take a quick look...
  2. Chevron

    I have 10 Adwords Vouchers I HAVE to use

    As above. Rules: You cannot currently be making use of Adwords I will create a campaign for with a R750 voucher. I usually make this last a week. After the campaign is done you'll get a report on performance. Obligation free. Just need to be legitimate businesses. All Free...
  3. N

    R400 Google AdWords Voucher

    Hey Everyone If you have a new business / want to give Google Adwords a try for the first time, it seems Google is giving away Adwords vouchers. These normally only work on new accounts - but give it a go, nothing like some free advertising...
  4. G

    Adwords advice

    I've asked this on the google adwords forum but got no reply. I'm trying to organize some more people to join a kettlebell seminar in march. And seeing as I'm trying to learn internet marketing and lead generation as well I thought I'd try getting some interest via adwords. But I don't want to...
  5. D

    Google Adwords Webinars Here's a good example of legitimate web usage and my concern is how much data these webinars consume, any ideas?
  6. W

    R1000 Google AdWords Credit FREE

    Hey everyone I just received an email from Google with a voucher code for R1000 free AWords credit. Now I closed my AdWords account a long time ago when I closed my website, but this is an invite to open it again. Anyone want the voucher? I assume it's transferable. PM me if you want me to...
  7. P

    Adwords issue

    I got the voucher code. Went and did my ad, and then it says my account is too OLD to be used with the voucher. I've had Gmail since 2002, and I even use google apps for my business. Too old? So because I've had Gmail for so many years I'm not allowed to use the promo? huh... So I created...