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  1. Jan

    Government steering South Africa into hard lockdown over December

    Dire Covid-19 warning — South Africa heading for hard lockdown over December Permitting large gatherings under the adjusted level 1 lockdown could result in the fourth wave of Covid-19 cases hitting South Africa earlier than anticipated, and the country being placed under hard lockdown during...
  2. Jan

    C.1.2 SARS-CoV-2 variant failing to get foothold in South Africa - NGS-SA

    Good news about new Covid–19 variant in South Africa A new variant of the coronavirus that causes Covid–19, dubbed C.1.2, does not appear to be gaining a foothold in South Africa. Citing Network for Genomic Surveillance South Africa (NGS-SA) researcher Richard Lessells, Netwerk24 reported that...
  3. Jan

    Experts calls for immediate level 5 hard lockdown for Gauteng, MAC and SAMA disagree

    Level 5 hard lockdown for Gauteng called for The government is considering a move to a higher lockdown level in South Africa, with some experts calling for a hard lockdown in Gauteng. Business Day reported that Gauteng’s provincial command council is meeting today to discuss the possibility of...