1. cobusv

    AntiSpam for Domain

    Hello Guys, Im reaching out because im looking for an antispam solution for a small family domain that i own, i really dont want to spend thousands it seems on just getting antispam done. is there somewhere that wont cost an arm and a leg for this? About 10 mailboxes
  2. J

    ClarkConnect Antispam

    Hi guys, is there a way I can see what has been rejected or bounced in the ClarkConnect 5.0 Community Edition GUI?
  3. D

    Vodacom spamfilter problem

    I'm trying to help a friend that's living in the sticks nearby Ladybrand. She has been sending email through her cellphone since December last year without a problem. Since the 25 th April, she has been getting the following message from "Content-filter at"...
  4. Pitbull

    Attn mods - I think I've identified a [potential] spammer...

    lol:D Ban him before he posts.. that wil be a first