1. K

    2x phenomenal Sandi Beukes original pastels

    I have these two phenomenal Sandi Beukes original pastel paintings. Both measure 60x73cm in the frame, and 30x43cm without the frame. R4000 for both - far below market value. This is an excellent investment and a really great piece. They have adorned the walls of my home for many years, but...
  2. Vorastra

    Botched Restoration of Spanish Sculpture Draws Scrutiny
  3. LenardER

    Crowdfunding Campaign—Chapter 2 (Comic)

    You're cordially invited to become an Active Participant in the production of Chapter 2. We’ve recently digitally published Chapter 1, in ebook ($1) format, as well as gratis via Webtoon and Chapter 2's script is already complete. We have some Radical Rewards for our highly-valued backers. →...
  4. AVermeulen

    [Market Research] Gaming Dioramas and Shadow Boxes

    Hi, it's me again. So the geek culture apparel I wanted to try out was a complete failure. So want to try this idea next. Would any of you be interested in these type of dioramas and shadow boxes? Instead of it just being cardboard cutouts, I want to cast the cubes in resin. Same with...
  5. B

    What are your favorite art styles in the house?

    Many people do not really know, but try to imagine yourself with these types of art on your wall. Reply 1 to 21 to show your interest. Me: 1. Portraits - faces or people 1. Portraits - faces or people 2. Nostalgic pieces or anything vintage looking 3. Simple, unoffensive, or calm pieces 4...
  6. N

    Best FPS Game for Map Editors

    Hi everyone/anyone, I'm wanting to create a vitual gallery for an art project. What I'd like to know is which game I should be looking at? I'd need to be able to stick my own images onto the walls. I've already looked at Quake 3 Arena - does someone have any other game(s) with a better...
  7. LazyLion

    White Zuma, Mandela Painting Rejected

    A painting depicting President Jacob Zuma and former president Nelson Mandela as whites has been removed from an art exhibition in Nelspruit, it was reported on Monday. The art work, created by Kobus Myburgh, was in an exhibition scheduled to open at the Van Riebeeck Hall on Monday, as part...
  8. LazyLion

    American Gets Back Art Taken by Nazis During WW2

    Tom Selldorff was 6 years old when he saw his grandfather's prized art collection for the last time in 1930s Vienna, before it fell into Nazi hands. Now, he's 84 - and in a ceremony in Paris on Tuesday, the American was finally given back a piece of his late grandfather's memory: France has...
  9. LazyLion

    Painting Identified as Rembrant Self Portrait

    A painting donated to Britain's National Trust by the estate of a wealthy supporter has been identified as a Rembrandt self-portrait worth 20 million pounds ($30 million), the heritage body said Monday. The painting was given to the trust in 2010 by the estate of Edna, Lady Samuel of Wych...
  10. antowan


    THE SPEAR IS DOWN - OUT OF FEAR AND CARE Commentary By Ferial Haffajee Johannesburg 28 May 2012 - The Spear is down. Out of care and as an olive branch to play a small role in helping turn around a tough moment, I have decided to take down the image. When we published an art review, which...
  11. M

    Found Photos

    Are there any photographs or images that have an immediate impression on you? Please share.
  12. A

    Honest Opinion Please

    Hi, I have entered a photo into a photo contest (please see link below) I am not sure if its good enough.. Could you guys please give me an honest opinion and tell me what you think about my photo, what i need to look out for...
  13. M

    Tourist stung 500 times as bees invade French art gallery

  14. bwana

    DIY photographic lightbox/light tent

    So my weekend project was to make a light box - any suggestions as to what sort of bulbs might be suitable for photography? I'd like to keep the heat down as much as possible inside the box. This is a shot using the three 11w cool white energy savers...