1. LazyLion

    Survey: One in five Americans has no religion
  2. D

    Can an atheist die in peace?

    Hi guys The post title is quite explanatory, so you really don't need to read my entire post if you don't want to, but I will attempt to address my view on the matter. I am not an atheist. This post will not be about encouraging one type of religion, or to convert anyone to a particular...
  3. HapticSimian

    A pretty girl on the Kalam Cosmological 'Argument' With all the discussions that have taken place on this board on the topic of this 'iron-clad' argument for (a) god's existence, I must say I never found any of it particularly compelling. I always suspected that William Lane...
  4. HapticSimian

    Dear Christian - JT Eberhard

    Stumbled across this video the other night. Perhaps some might find it insightful - I found myself often nodding in agreement.
  5. M

    Existentialist thological quote - please decipher

    I found this quote in another forum and it looks interesting... I'm nearly getting it, but not quite, after reading it a few times. The apparent ego extension/anthropomorphic nature of god and resulting dissonance sounds like an interesting idea to me. But from what I understand, Tillich's...
  6. HapticSimian

    Some deprecating observations - atheist to atheist for a change...

    I came across this blog post by PZ Myers and found it a rather sobering read. Many of us fall into the same holes time after time.. continued...
  7. R

    Mysticism Keeps Men Sane (GK Chesterton Quote)

    Yes, I'm new here and have no idea what's been discussed before 'round these parts. But I thought as a kind of first thread I would paste in a quote from GK Chesterton which I think is worthy of discussion. (It's from his work 'Orthodoxy'). "Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have...
  8. copacetic

    The atheist manifesto:

    Yes, I am beating a dead horse. So what? Some like sport, some like soap operas, I happen to be interested in this. Threads of this nature: Confuse the...
  9. copacetic

    Sorry, an atheist stuck on repeat.

    Old territory, I know - I am just continually surprised at the misconceptions some people have about about people who call themselves atheists. From this thread: Seems a bit silly, I know. Are there any atheists...
  10. copacetic

    Do we need to wipe theists off the face of the earth?

    There seems to be a perception amongst many of the religious, I have realized, that atheists want to remove all vestiges of religion from the world. They ask: "why do you hate god/my religion"; "Why do you spend so much time on something you don't believe in?" and so forth, as though the...
  11. W

    An ex-Muslim poses key questions on Islam

    ex-Muslim Questions Islam (fixed links) An ex-Muslim poses some questions to a Muslim scholar, via his nephew (audio in short MP3s). These seem to be the most commonly asked philosphical questions on Islam or theism in general, and the answers provide an official perspective of Islam on a...
  12. Aqua_lung

    God's soldiers vs Militant atheist
  13. rwenzori

    Atheist Books

    If you have signed up at, you will find a rather good pile of reading matter in this post ( NOT mine BTW ): Stenger's book is a real no-nonsense good read. :)
  14. rwenzori

    Dennett in SA - Beware the benign

    Saalocin Rekked mentioned that Daniel Dennett is in the country and has been giving lectures at Universities. I found a =21282"]nice article about him and his book "Breaking the Spell - Religion as a Natural Phenomenon" in the Natal Witness from down PMB way. ( My bolding ). LOL! The post...
  15. M


    Has anyone seen this documentary by Bill Maher? It's brand new and I enjoyed it. He speaks to ordinary people and clerics from all over the world and gives them the cold hard facts about religion and the various reasons why he thinks the world is better off without religion. It was a very funny...