1. Pooky

    Touch ME - by DJ Pooky

    Please listen and tell me what you think... :) Download: (LOCAL)
  2. TowerGuru

    The Ultimate Collection of #TouchMeOnMyStudio songs & vids Includes the single: Touch Me On My Studio the Andre vs Julius remix:D
  3. T

    Twitter studio meme

    There's some funny comments going around on Twitter following the ETV-AWB episode last night. Search #studio for some of the results. One of my favourites:
  4. C

    AWB interview on ETV

    AWB member going razy on e news I was just watching e tv's 7pm news, and they had an insert about their 24 channel, e news', Africa 360 program. On it, an AWB spokesperson was in a debate with a political analyst, and then gets angry with her, rips his mike off, and starts to walk off. He then...
  5. R

    Eugene Terre'blanche murdered

    I have just read that Eugene Terre'blanche has been murdered. I cannot post a link as I'm using my phone at the moment. Guess this might be because of Julius Malema's racist actions and songs. Edit: Here is the link -...