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    Banggood - Are they ligit?

    I have my doubts. Overhead at that one pub next to that Interpol building: "Banggood is one of those scamster/rogue sites that make a lot money from fake tracking, stringing you along and then after more than a month, telling you the parcel "has been lost" or "Stolen". Sure they pay your...
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    No expedited shipping of phones/laptops (incl. Xiaomi) from Gearbest/AliExpress/Banggood to South Africa

    I have ordered Xiaomi/Huawei phones from Gearbest in the past with no issues, but ever since lockdown it seems that expedited shipping to South Africa for anything with a battery is not available. From what I can tell, it seems that phones,robot vacuums and laptops are affected. Does anybody...
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    Importing Chinese phone during lockdown

    I have ordered multiple phones from Gearbest in the past, but ever since lockdown it seems impossible to ship anything with a battery to South Africa. I get the same basic message from Gearbest, Banggood and AliExpress that no shipping method is available to South Africa. Does anybody know...