1. M

    Draught Beer For Home Tips

    Hey, So wonder if anyone can answer some questions on tapping draught beer at home. I have a mini lady draught machine and am ready to hookup a keg. - How long does a keg last once tapped using Co2 and not refrigerating the keg. is there a difference between say Castle light and a craft...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Favourite beer of IT professionals

    Favourite beer of IT professionals South Africa’s IT professionals and techies reveal their favourite beer brands in a new lifestyle survey.
  3. J

    Beer home brewing : Making a Immersion cooler with Copper

    I want to make one of these immersion coolers: Builders Warehouse has: 15mm Class 1 Copper Tubes (hard as heck - example uses bendable copper) (Lengths of 1.5m + 2m which is perfect) But the guys at Builders...
  4. Holger

    The Ultimate South African Craft Beer Map

    Hi Guys, I have just printed a new map showing all breweries, cideries and some craft distilleries - here is an electronic version: Please let me know if I have missed one that you know of.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    South African techies’ favourite beer and fast food

    SA techies’ favourite beer and fast food South Africa’s IT professionals and techies reveal their favourite beer and fast food brands in a new lifestyle survey
  6. Scooby_Doo

    Great Lakes Christmas Ale

    Just got back from the US, this beer is like crack cocaine to me. Anyone know of something similar in SA, I know the Darling Brewery make a Christmas beer, but not sure what it tastes like... Yet.
  7. LazyLion

    Motsoaledi to fight beer plans

    A beer maker's plans to boost the sale of its product in Africa has left a sour taste in Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's mouth. Briefing the media shortly after delivering his budget vote in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Motsoaledi said he was shocked at news that breweries were...
  8. L

    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    Hi, Anyone have experience with Home brewing? I am checking out a few (dismal) local sites on starter kits, and a few UK (awesome) sites regarding starter equipment for home brewing. Has anyone tried this before, have you bought a kit from a store , or made up the parts yourself, what style...
  9. M

    Alcohol has no effect on men's judgement, say researchers

  10. M

    Kiwi girls are the most promiscuous in the world, claims survey

  11. M

    Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

  12. bwana

    Beer lake freezes in Germany

    A fine - for wasting all that beer! Now if I can just find my passport and my skates - time to play some beer-hockey!
  13. M

    Woman kills boyfriend for drinking her beer

    Full story :eek: psycho :eek:
  14. M

    Loud music makes customers drink faster

    More... A great way to make more money.