1. Software Boys Pty LTD

    Battlefield 2 local server - Join today

    I have created a local BF2 server. I will provide game files and instructions. If this gets enough players I will open multiple servers. Comment if interested.
  2. F

    Battlefield 2

    Lockdown got me bored so I cleaned a cupboard and came across my BF2 install CD's, been downloading the two patches. Was fun to go back to BF2 and check my old nick and stats. Are any old BF2 players still around from the SGS servers? Still busy installing, then I'll check if there are any...
  3. A

    BF2 servers – availability

    Hi guys, This might be a stretch, but are there any Battlefield 2 (not Bad Company) South African servers still running or alive for PC? Thanks
  4. T

    Battlefield 2 Servers?

    Hi there Can anyone suggest some good servers? I'm on Mweb and the ones I've tried have high ping. I can't get one (thats populated) with less than 200ms :S I've used Xfire and HLSW to get servers... and the Mweb one on never has any players.... Thanks :)
  5. Budza

    Cape Town Gamers

    I'm looking for a nice internet cafe where I can play BF2 with some friends. I used to do it after work in the evenings, but haven't for some time. Not even sure where to start looking. The other guys don't have internet or decent enough computers. So, need a spot where about 6 of us can...
  6. D

    BF2 VoIP Prob. Solution:

    Okay, here I go: If you're getting a (send, don't send error) after saving the VoIP settings when the BF2 installation completes... then here's what you do: => Install the game as normal and when you get the (send, don't send error), simply just click on either one of them. => Then go...
  7. D

    Routesentry HELP!!??!?!?!?!

    HI... I have an account with telkom, 1gig international and 10 gig local @ 384kbps.. Now i want to split the 2 accounts so I can play Bf2 on local Servers (with routesentry).. please can someone help me on how to do this... PS i have a Mega 200VWR modem.... something like this...
  8. S

    Selling battlefield 4 star general account!

    I'm Selling my Battlefield 2 Four Star General account. Legit & not modded every kill was earned This was my account I've had since the game came out :) Stats no lower than 10 KD = great KD Jet stats are aprox 21,500 kills 4300. Road kills 165 deaths Alot of Vehicle Kills & Infantry Kills...
  9. T

    Do lots of people still play BF2?

    Haven't played in some time, mainly 'cos PC was pretty crap for the game. Have now got a bit faster processor, so I'm hoping I can get some good playing in.