1. RedViking

    What was the best movie released in 2020?

    What movie would you rate as the best movie 2020 brought us. Second best and then Third. For me: 1. Love and Monsters 8/10. Fun and Entertaining. 2. Extraction 7.5 / 10. Excellent Camera work and Stunts. 3. Tenet 7 / 10. Awesome Sound and interesting story line if you don't over think it...
  2. J

    Joe Biden defeats Trump to win US election

    Joe Biden defeats Trump to win US election Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th US president, unseating the incumbent with a pledge to unify and mend a nation reeling from a worsening pandemic, faltering economy and deep political divisions. Biden’s victory...
  3. V

    SNL - Sarah Palin Debate vs. Joseph Biden (doof-US)

    SNL Full Actual Debate This is hilarious...gotcha-dog-gone-it