1. F

    Rugby Challenge 3 discussion

    Reminder: I am bad at english. Rugby Challenge 3 is finally coming to South Africa 22 April. Lets use this thread to talk about all the features in this game. In be a pro i am going to be a flanker or a wing or center. Lets hope this will be better than Rugby 15. For those who don't know...
  2. Rouxenator

    Anyone else doing Die Burger MTB Challenge this weekend in Stellenbosch?

    I am super excited about this ride, and it seems to get more popular each year. Did my first one last year, decided to take the 42k route since it goes right past my house but this year I am on the 66k. Any other forumites that will be doing Die Burger MTB? This one very scenic event and I...
  3. M

    Speaktoit Assistant launches on iOS to challenge Siri

  4. copacetic

    Evolution; A challenge.

    Okay, I've read this article, and it is fantastic. May I invite anyone who does not accept evolution to a challenge? If you are willing to take up this challenge and respond to the questions I am about to ask, then you are someone worth having a good conversation with. Now, my experience...
  5. jes

    The beginning of the end for Microsoft?

    The beginning of the end for Microsoft? Microsoft's demise has been predicted far too many times but this time the company is facing a challenge it may not be able to overcome
  6. jes

    Facebook challenging Google's crown

    Facebook challenging Google's crown Facebook is challenging Google's supremacy on the Internet with a radically different approach to how people live, work, play and search online.
  7. Rouxenator

    Love or hate it : iPhone is a good thing

    Yes, I know that regular readers of this forum will know that I am not the world biggest Apple fan. And no, I am not drunk nor crazy, but I think that it is time people give credit where it is due. Whether you love the Iphone or hate it - the truth is that it has done the mobile industry the...