1. M

    Cloning HDD - Software

    Hoping the community can help on my questions: I have a 500GB hard drive with 3 partitions, which I now want to clone over to a 1TB hard drive (both are mechanical). I'm hoping for it to be a simple a once off drive-to-drive clone. What software (Win 7 based) would you recommend, also taking...
  2. K

    Cloning Dell laptop

    Hi Techies Can I clone a Dell laptop and then restore it to other dell laptops? Let me explain. I have 300 Dell laptops to prep for users and must be done in a week :( I have to do all the Windows updates and Office updates and some software (normally use Ninite) Now I know dell has embedded...
  3. K

    Cloning of unused sealed credit card

    Does anyone know how this is possible? A week ago we received a new credit card and a secondary card linked to the same account from ABSA via courier. The envelope was still sealed as it should have been and no evidence of tampering was present. The primary card was only used once at an ATM...
  4. NomNom

    Cloning HDD to SSD/HDD

    Looking for some recommendations here, I'm looking for a free or paid program that is reliable to clone hard drives to either SSD's or other hard drives.
  5. NeonNinja

    Cloning a Mobile Phone

    Well, we've all sen it in movies and series in the States and UK. Is it doable here in S.A (of course it is), what type mobile, software and equipment and what-not would be needed, and can every intermediate Joe it?
  6. F

    Best way to clone a HDD?

    I currently have 2 HDDs (both SATA), a 160GB and 500GB Seagate. The 160GB HDD (the C:/ drive) has my OS (Windows XP SP3), programs and basically everything else except my videos. All the videos are on the 500GB HDD. Now, the 160GB HDD is on it's way to hard drive heaven so what I want to...