1. W

    MySQL Cluster Setup

    I need help regarding hardware requirements for a mysql cluster setup. I'll be creating 4 VMs. 1 for mysql server node and manager, 1 for the mysql cluster data node and 2 data additional data nodes. The db will primarly be used for osTicket, so there will be high read and write operations and...
  2. TedLasso

    Building the ultimate Raspberry Pi Cluster?

    So Pi Experts, tell me if this is possible:- I have a few Raspberry Pi 3s floating around running as Kodi Boxes and one as a Home Assistant. I just bought Ubiquity Wifi and security gear and am in the process of setting it up. As I need a UniFi controller on the cheap, I was going to go with...
  3. J

    1995 citi golf 1.3 speedo packed up - how to get it fixed?

    Hi looking for advice please. my son's little golf goes just fine, the speedo packed up recently and the mechanic said that he can't fix it nor can he get spares. he recommended taking it to reef industrial & motor instrument in jhb city to get the connector at the back of the cluster...