consumer complaints

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    trouble to cancel Telkom ADSL contract because of admin-limitation

    After weeks of collecting Telkom case-numbers without reaction I called the call center of Telkom SA on the 24.Jauary to cancel my ADSL -package. Close the menu guidance, I was prompted to enter my phone number. Then I waited 30 minutes in the loop. The call center staff member asked me what...
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    Open Web uncapped rip-off. I paid 196R for 4 hours download time.

    It's a sharks world out there. Be careful when you buy prepaid adsl. I bought what I thought to be 1 month of prepaid uncapped adsl from Open Web (uncapped lite) on 30 June at 196R. Worked fine first evening. Next day no more connection. I paid 196R for uncapped adsl from 30 June 19h00 to 30...
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    Consumer Complaints - A Guide

    There are several avenues through which you can raise and escalate a complaint when you’re dissatisfied with a service provider. We will take you through the different steps and routes you can take to resolve a complaint. This guide does not cover proceeding in the courts (which should almost...