continuous integration

  1. M

    Docker / Kubernetes

    Hi folks thought I'd start a thread around the increasing demand and need for Enterprise containerisation and orchestration skills. Would welcome any insight and personal experience from those of you already involved or working in this area. I come from a 3 tier architecture dev environment...
  2. Cyanide9

    Continuous integration and continuous deployment CI/CD

    Has anyone done CI/CD on shared hosting or managed server? Especially on an Xneelo/Hetzner package. And if so, I would love some guidance as this is a completely new field for me.
  3. R

    C#/.Net Developer - Cape Town (Northern Suburbs)

    Based in the Northern Suburbs of the Western Cape, Capfin is the South African brand of the global Southern View Finance group of companies. We offer technologically-driven, cost effective and accessible financial services products and solutions to South Africans. We offer dynamic careers for...
  4. L

    Java Developer, Cape town

    Lava Lamp is ramping up for growth! An innovative, growing software development start-up, with clients who focus on innovation, social networking and mobile technologies. We are seeking a motivated, mature Java developer/architect to complement our technical team. We’re inviting Java Developer...