1. Kevin Lancaster

    What age gap is too big for a couple to work?

    Can a couple with a big age gap - woman/man and their partner are 30 years apart, for example - normally work, or is it only in rare cases this succeeds. And what do you think is too big an age gap for a couple?
  2. LazyLion

    Police: Couple Brings Kids Along for Bank Heist

    Police in Utah say they've arrested a husband and wife bank robbery team that took their two children along for the illegal excursion. An arrest report from police says the man and woman, both 27, were caught Monday soon after a Wells Fargo branch was robbed. A 5-year-old and a 2-year-old...
  3. LazyLion

    Doomsday couple’s final stand! I can see a movie coming out of this! :D
  4. mercurial

    Still in love after 80 years

  5. mercurial

    Couple get married in a strip club

  6. mercurial

    Man Survives 'Killer Bee' Attack, Stung Couple Thousand Times

    Full story
  7. mercurial

    Two years, six months and 25 days

    ... The length of time it takes before romance is dead... Link
  8. mercurial

    Couple saw home in half

  9. mercurial

    Malaysian couple killed in stop-smoking ritual

    More... Finally some dumb Asians.
  10. mercurial

    French Couple Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Porno at Canadian War Memorial

  11. mercurial

    Pet rabbit credited with saving couple from fire

  12. mercurial

    Vancouver couple arrested for putting baby up for online sale

  13. mercurial

    Couple attacked each other with frying pan