courier service

  1. Jan

    Uber Connect Car now offers package delivery up to 80kg

    You can now send packages up to 80kg with Uber — how much it costs Uber has launched a new on-demand delivery service called Uber Connect Car, allowing users to send packages weighing up to 80kg over short distances. The e-hailing company previously rolled out Uber Connect Moto in South Africa...
  2. A

    Export transport - "oversize charges"

    Hi, Let me start with a *long post disclaimer* (just want to set the scene properly not to waste others' time) :-) I'm helping out a one man company that designs, fabricates & sells a range of steel 4x4 vehicle accessories primarily to local brand enthusiasts - sold online and delivered using...
  3. O

    Importing from China

    Hie everyone Do any of you have experiences on importing electronics from china? How to ensure supplier is legit and have guarantee not to be scammed? Which freight companies did you use? I requested a quote from supplier in china about a certain electronic and on of his requirements "Payment...