1. RedViking

    Food or chews that killed your dog?

    Google: [add keyword here] is dangerous for your dog. List products, treats or food that landed your dog at the vet or in the grave. Apparently everything I feed my dog will kill it. :ROFL:
  2. C

    Scenics have Deadly Defect is like a Time Bomb clicking under your car, Be Ware!!

    Hi This could come as a shock but the Renault Scenic’s, new & old all they have the same steering lock and that is the weakest point in the Scenic as the chain is a strong as the weakest link! For sure thy are the lucky ones that can afford to take the Scenic to a Renault dealer where the...
  3. NeonNinja

    20 most dangerous cars on the road

    #20 The Chevrolet Corvair Fumes in cabin #19 Suzuki Samurai Prone to rollovers #18 Chevrolet Vega Breaks apart #17 Pontiac Fiero Spontaneous fires #16 Smart ForTwo May become airborne #15 Yugo GV Engine destroys self #14 Audi 5000 Unexpected acceleration #13 Geely CK1 0-star rating from...
  4. LazyLion

    Committee Passes Weapons Bill

    A bill giving police more power against the carrying of dangerous weapons in public was adopted by Parliament's portfolio committee on police on Tuesday. However, the committee was not happy with elements of an implementation plan for the Dangerous Weapons Bill, which was presented by the...
  5. mercurial

    Apple Maps takes another hit as Oz Fire Authorities call it dangerous

  6. QuintonB

    Hands-free kits just as risky while driving

    Hands-free phones just as risky while driving Research has shown that using hands-free phones while driving still distracts drivers