1. brandonforcey

    Need help with choosing a car and with prices please

    hey everyone, so I'm going to be buying my first car soon and i need help with which car to get. i was looking at the new kia rio 1,4 man but its still a bit too expensive, how much do you think i could get off, should i get a demo maybe? and yes i will be paying full in cash no loans or pay...
  2. D

    new car - what to buy?

    Hi All, I currently have a bmw 320i automatic however thinking of downgrading to a manual with better economy, I do roughly 1000km - 1200km per month and maybe a trip to Durban once a year. So about 15 000km a year... Looking to get something in the price range of around R150k, but not...
  3. A

    FIFA 10 PC Demo - is it 2 player?

    Hi Is there anyone who knows if the FIFA 10 PC Demo is 2 player or is it only 1 player? In other words, can I play as one team (on the keyboard) against a friend of mine who uses the gamepad to control the other team? Oh, and in the demo do you play a full match or is it the same as...