dual wan

  1. N

    Two WAN's One Router Same Subnet

    Hi there! I have a simple query and I used to know this but havent been in the game for a while. I have a Billion Firewall with dual Wan's. My company recently got a fibre connection and from this, the ISP split this up into 2 x Cisco's, each configured with a different static IP. So we...
  2. AchmatK

    Dual WAN wireless router

    I have an iBurst webphone currently connected to my Netgear WNR2000 wireless router. I just got a desktop iBurst modem and now looking for dual wan router that will be able to do load balancing.
  3. Peon

    Dual-WAN Absa bank issue

    Hi Im currently sitting with an interesting issue. I have a corporate client using a BiGuard 30 Lite Dual-WAN router with two desktop modems. When anyone on the LAN attempts to login to the ABSA bank accounts over the internet, they get kicked out of the web page. Meaning they enter their...