1. C

    International speeds on Telkom Internet?

    Hi all With the Seacom and EASY cables having problems and the Mweb network crawling along I was just wondering how or if this has affected the Telkom internet subscribers?
  2. LazyLion

    How to cook real good cheap easy food...

  3. M

    Who do you recommend (again)?

    Hi all, I put a lot of faith into the advice given on ZA connectivity issues given by this forum... As a result, we swiched from WebAfrica last year, to Axxess. Essentially the move was based on growing negative publicity, and stagnating pricing. Despite having numerous email issues...
  4. A

    GTalk app on HTC Tytn II (WM6)

    I'm looking for a new app that'll allow me to use GTalk on the Tytn II, which uses WM6 (unless I'm mistaken). I have been using Octrotalk for a good many months. I like the clean, basic look of it. And it did exactly what I needed it to do. For some reason, however, after downloading the...