1. Jan

    WhatsApp kills Electron desktop app

    WhatsApp shuts down original desktop app Popular online chat platform WhatsApp has shut down its first standalone desktop app, meaning users now have to use the recently-launched native apps or a browser to use WhatsApp on a computer. The now-shuttered platform-agnostic WhatsApp Desktop app...
  2. Jan

    Teams stores authentication tokens in plaintext on-device - Microsoft won't fix until later

    Serious security flaw in Microsoft Teams Cybersecurity firm Vectra has uncovered a severe security vulnerability in the desktop apps of Microsoft Teams on Windows, Mac, and Linux. BleepingComputer reports that Vectra's security researchers found that the apps store user authentication tokens...
  3. Jan

    WhatsApp replacing Electron with native apps for Windows and Mac

    WhatsApp launches native Windows app — Mac app in the works Meta Platforms has launched a native WhatsApp desktop application for Windows that no longer uses the web-based Electron framework. "WhatsApp Desktop users have been using our web-based desktop app (WhatsApp Desktop) or our...
  4. Jan

    Electron security flaws patched and disclosed

    Serious security flaws discovered in software behind Microsoft Teams and Discord A group of security researchers have uncovered a range of vulnerabilities in the Electron framework used by popular desktop apps like Discord and Microsoft Teams. Motherboard reports the team detailed their...