engine noise

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    Hyundai i20 knocking/tapping like engine sound in 4th/5th gear

    Hi all, 2010 model with 166 000 on the clock, has been serviced at Hyundai it's whole life. Vehicle is in CPT central and serviced at Hyundai Paarden Eiland the last few times. Hyundai can't find the issue, and possibly because it only happens in 4th/5th gear when the engine is under high load...
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    Mini 2009 Timing Chain Tensioner

    Hi, for all those mechanically inclined, would anyone know where I can get a new timing chain tensioner for my mini cooper 2009? Preferably in the Cape Town area. Looking forward to your help! Thanks!
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    Engine noise off 6x9's

    I have installed a new amplifier for my 6x9s and 12" sub. I am using the wiring I had on my older amplifier which I now replaced. Whenever I start my car and play music, I get engine sound from my 6x9's! anybody experience this? any advise? Thank you