1. YellowRandolf

    VoIP provider for SA and european numbers?

    Which VoIP providers support SA as well as euro numbers? I'd like to have one VoIP provider to do it all. Transfer my SA landline as well as a few German numbers that I'm currently using on a Sipgate subscription. For now, I do not need to do a lot of outgoing calls, it's mostly to be reachable...
  2. H

    N26 Euro Bank Account

    Hi, I would like to know if any of you here have managed to open a N26 Euro Bank Account? There was a reader on Simon Brown's Just One Lap who apparently was able to open a N26 bank account even though he is residing in South Africa. Here is a link to the article...
  3. antowan

    The Rand is getting ripped a new one against major currencies...

    At time of posting: Rand/$ 11.05 Johannesburg - The rand weakened more than 1% to the psychologically key R11/$ level on Thursday, its lowest since October 2008 when R49bn of capital was pulled out of the economy. On...
  4. LazyLion

    Teens Return 62,000 Euros Found on Train

    Two Norwegian teens returned 467,200 kroner (some 62,000 euros, $81,500) they found left on a train by an elderly passenger, Norwegian media reported Thursday. The pair found the treasure Wednesday in a handbag left on the seat of a train running between Oslo and a small town in southeastern...
  5. LazyLion

    Cyprus Revising Bank Levy Terms: EU Source

    Nicosia and international creditors were discussing Monday revisions to an unprecedented levy on bank accounts agreed in a bailout for Cyprus which has sparked market turmoil and fresh fears of debt crisis contagion, an EU source said. "The Cypriots are debating, finalising a new proposal,"...
  6. LazyLion

    Germany's Commerzbank to Raise $3.7 Billion in New Capital

    Germany's Commerzbank says it will raise EUR2.5 billion ($3.7 billlion) by issuing new shares and repay part of the government support it got when it was bailed out. The country's No. 2 lender said Wednesday that the share issue would let it repay government holdings known as silent...
  7. G

    The demise of the dollar
  8. S

    Best way or place to buy some Euros?

    Not the hectic amounts like some of you traders :p Just enough for a weekend away. Where will I find the best rates/commission?
  9. M

    Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst? Understanding how USA power works

    Got this in an email the other day as well...