1. M

    Strong wind sends portable toilets flying through the air

    Strong wind sends portable toilets flying through the air Video at source
  2. B

    KLM/Air France Boeing 777-200 Economy Seat Power Outlets

    I will be flying on KLM (outbound) and Air France (inbound) on a trip later this month, and three out of the four planes are 777-200s. The other is a 777-300 (which, as far as I know, is an older member of their fleet). Has anyone flown economy on these planes recently? Do you know if...
  3. B

    SA to EU plugs/cables for travelling

    Hi everyone! I'll be travelling later this month, and am looking for one of these: Does anyone know where to find one locally? I have already checked Cape Union, Takealot, and a bunch of travel stores. All the reps said they're hard to find because of EU/SABS regulations. Otherwise, can I...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    The future of transport in cities: autonomous flying taxis

    The future of transport in cities: autonomous flying taxis Airbus is looking to develop autonomous flying taxis that will relieve rush hour traffic.
  5. M

    Why is SAA so expensive

    A flight from JHB to Bahrain (one way) is cheaper Than an SAA on Qatar Air. Let us not even forget to mention that Qatar air is better to fly than SAA
  6. LazyLion

    ANC bash: 3 held over green laser light So were these guys arrested because the green laser light was a real threat, or because this was the ANC bash? This reminds me of the spilling the drink near Zuma Assault charge.
  7. Cellucity

    Team AR Drone - The Flying Video Game - Cape Town / Johannesburg

    We are in the process of creating an AR Drone event, kicking off in Cape Town and hopefully moving up to Johannesburg. Does anybody have any input / ideas regarding competitions, prizes, and where they would like it hosted in Cape Town. Suggestions so far include airport hangers and The good...
  8. squirrel

    Cheap and reliable flights

    Hi, I'm looking for a quote to be beaten. Any know of a reputable and cheap place I can get a quote from? Here's the quote I currently have 10 MAY 09 - DEPART - CAPETOWN 0700 10 MAY 09 - ARRIVE - JOHANNESBURG 0900 Kulula MN118 ---------------------------------------------...
  9. DJ...

    Microlights and Pilot's License?

    Do you need a pilot's license to fly a microlight? I am thinking of buying one after watching Mythbusters as they look awesome, but if I need a pilot's license then I dont think it is worth the bother.
  10. M

    Golfers' terror as speedboat lands in bunker

    More... Reminds me of Grand Theft Auto :cool:
  11. J

    Technology is advancing

    Haven't you ever wondered, things that other people come across in life are true? In a nearby village at my grans, 20 ppl were found dead "appearently" they had an accident with a flying bath-tub which hit an electric pole. lol:D Ppl technology is advancing.:p