gauteng broadband network

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    Where to Enjoy Board Games with Fellow Hikers in Johannesburg

    GREETINGS Everyone! We are putting together a fun and relaxed time for fellow hikers who may wish to enjoy some quality time and fancy board games with other fellow hikers around Gauteng. If anyone want to be a part of our Weekend Board Games over Drinks, Music, and Food, feel free to rsvp in...
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    My MTN speed test around Gauteng (best speeds are in Pretoria North)

  3. Jan

    R333 million reprioritised to Gauteng broadband, ICT

    R333 million “reprioritised” for Gauteng broadband network The Gauteng finance department has reprioritised R333-million towards the Gauteng broadband network and other information and communication technologies, MEC Barbara Creecy said in the medium term budget policy statement.
  4. jes

    Billion-rand Gauteng Online Schools Project scrapped

    Billion-rand Gauteng Online Schools Project scrapped The Gauteng Department of Finance has scrapped the Gauteng Online Schools Project, and has issued a new tender for an “e-Learning Solution”.