1. JC H

    Why to follow religions ?

    Why do we need to follow a religion, a book, someone to believe in something ? Why can we not have enough confidence in following our own ideas, beliefs and natural instincts instead of all these religions that was created by men like us at the end of the day.
  2. M

    Non-believers turn to prayer in a crisis, poll finds

    Non-believers turn to prayer in a crisis, poll finds
  3. Shaun108

    If God exists, then where did he come from?

    Everybody came from something, be it a womb or egg or through other means. If God does indeed exists where did he come from?
  4. D

    Did Nicola Tesla discover God through science?

    Science and religion seldom agree. I have noted the ''energy asspect of God'' through reading my Bible. I have also read that God fills heaven and earth, explaining omnipresence. It says that He keeps the heavenly bodies in position. Nicola Tesla discovered the energy fields holding universe...
  5. D

    Can an atheist die in peace?

    Hi guys The post title is quite explanatory, so you really don't need to read my entire post if you don't want to, but I will attempt to address my view on the matter. I am not an atheist. This post will not be about encouraging one type of religion, or to convert anyone to a particular...
  6. R13...

    A Brave New World

    I don't know if any of you guys read the Aldous Huxley book, but there's an interesting portion of the book where the world controller has a deep intellectual/philosophical conversation with the Savage (about God & religion). For a background see here... More... It's probably better that...
  7. copacetic

    Does god have a sense of humour?

    I reckon that god, being, well, god, would have the most epic sense of humour in all the universe (Even beyond the universe, as I believe he/she/it/*** is meant to be.) I also suspect that god would understand petty human attempts at blasphemy and religion related jokes and understand the...
  8. ChilliGirl

    The religion of Satanism

    Satanism is also a religion in fact , whether people like it to be or not. This started with the question posed are there satanist here. One person even compared Atheism to satanism. There must be reasons for this. Shall we discuss satanism instead of christianity or islam for a change...
  9. T

    Nature of Divine Omniscience

    In Islam, there is an convenient term for all religions that feature Yahweh as their main or only deity, namely 'Religions of the Book'. Three religions fall under this term; Islam, of course, as well as Judaism and its later offshoot, Christianity. Several interesting common traits are found...
  10. M

    Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar

  11. R

    Can A God Be Omnipotent?

    I'm really interested to hear this argued intelligently. Can God (an all-powerful being) create something so heavy he cannot lift it? If he can create it then he cannot lift it which means he can't be omnipotent. If he cannot create it then he cannot create something that heavy and thus can't...
  12. DJ...

    The philosophical concepts of popcorn...

    Was the husky kernel always there? Did satan place that pesky kernel that's always getting stuck in your teeth there himself? Does god eat popcorn? Is sweet popcorn really blasphemous? Huskless popcorn - is it really corn or god's invention? If we replaced 'popcorn' with 'biltong' would we...
  13. M

    Is rare turtle a reincarnation of God?

  14. C

    Zuma at Rhema

    Dear Pastor McCauly and the Leadership of the Rhema Church I was very dismayed at the fact that you allowed the pulpit to Mr J Zuma on a Sunday morning. The fact that the head of a political party is invited just before an election date is disturbing in that it is an obvious electioneering...
  15. M

    Atheist bus campaign

    Pic Full article here