google apps

  1. Kevin Lancaster

    Google pulls "Bomb Gaza" game

    “Bomb Gaza” game pulled from app store A mobile game that simulates Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and invites users to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians” has been pulled from Google Inc’s app store
  2. QuintonB

    Google apps down for some users

    Google Apps Mail, Drive, API down Google Mail, Drive, and the admin control panel for Google Apps users is down
  3. T

    Considering switching to Google Apps? Yay or Nay?

    Hi there, I am considering switching our company over to Google Apps, any feedback on for corporate level? Around about 30 users, with max 5gb data besides email each... Also, any recommended re-sellers around durban area? Thanks
  4. M

    Microsoft Exchange Alternatives

    Hi Guys We are currently using Google Apps for our business e-mail. We have reached the 50 user limit and we are currently looking at Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange is very expensive. I am looking for an alternative ? Any suggestions help would be appreciated. Tx
  5. QuintonB

    Google Drive has launched - 5GB free online storage included

    Google Drive launches with 5GB free online storage South Africa included in the launch of Google’s latest product
  6. S

    Google Apps. The free version?

    I’m about to become self-employed. And I’d like to use an Exchange-type service. I think that Google Apps will fulfil my needs. I just don’t know if I should upgrade to the pay version. Has anyone used this service for a small business application? I want my email to be available on my...
  7. J

    Your experiences with Google Apps?

    I'm running an Exchange Server in our small company but I'm really trying to "outsource" if you can call it that. Being a small company, I have many other things to do and my time would be much better spent making money instead of supporting the system. Whats your experiences with Google...